Product Overview

Connected & Controlled



The BlueCentric Panel will enable you to

  • Control direction - forward & reverse.
  • Start and stop the pivot.
  • Adjust percentage rate or application depth.
  • Automatically start and stop on pressure.
  • Automatically stop or reverse at:
    • End-Of-Field (EOF)
    • Field barriers and limits
    • Programmable positions and sectors.
  • Define and manage multiple sectors.
  • Control end-gun over programmable regions.
  • Configure precision offsets on the panel display and map.
  • Configure the Stop-In-Slot (SIS) for parking.
  • Automatically restart with programmable delays.
  • Set up intelligent pump control.
  • Configure additional controlled outputs (valves, pumps, etc.)
  • Measure external sensors:
    • Flow sensor
    • Transducer
    • Temperature sensor and more
  • Automatically compensate for reverse slack.
  • Perform run-simulations providing real-world results and duration.
  • Fully manage and control your pivot remotely from your mobile device or computer.
  • Set up and monitor pivot settings and status.
  • View and analyse all pivot events.
  • Create irrigation and maintenance reports.
  • Receive notifications via the BlueCentric platform or SMS.
  • Perform basic control using SMS.
  • View accurate motor run times for dry, wet, forward and reverse respectively and combined.
  • Access all maintenance information remotely.
  • Run the panel from battery power when mains power has failed.
  • Measure temperature and send alerts.
  • Monitor panel security - tamper and door access.
  • Use the software lock on the panel for access control.
  • Allow system updates on-site and remotely via mobile network.



• Provide a user-friendly on-site interface for ease of use
• Support all functions via the BlueCentric application and platform
• Perform advanced diagnostics for maintenance
• Ensure precision application depth in real-world conditions
• Dynamically compensate for slip, inclination and any mechanical tolerance
• Use advanced encoding for precision position monitoring
• Provide highly reliable communication (dual SIM 2G/3G cellular)
• Use minimal mobile data for communication and control

• Operate on different voltage configurations (110V or 220V)
• Measure individual supply phases and faultsfor motor protection
• Provide safety-trip tower location using ourreliable TowerTalk technology
• Detect low voltage conditions for reliable control
• Protect the panel against power surges
• Support SCADA integration using an industrial field bus
• Shield the panel components in a stainless steel enclosure